The journey of a simple flower. How it gets from where it’s grown to our living room is no small feat and definitely one of extremes! You could pop into the garden and snip an overgrown bush, but if you visit your local florist it’s a whole other story… In fact, a £100billion worldwide story!

Flowers are grown all around the world. Climate is a very important factor, making countries like Kenya, Columbia and Ecuador big players in flower production.

Each country specialises in the flowers that best suit their climate. For example, Columbia grow a mass of carnations and roses, Ecuador is good for nice big roses, and Kenya for smaller headed roses (the ones normally seen in your supermarkets).

There is a lot of good that comes from flower growing. In the coffee industry, growers help people stay out of gangs by guiding them on a positive path and helping them with training and education. The exact same thing happens with flower growers all over the world, with help schemes such as Fair Trade and the Rainforest Alliance.